Mouse Repeller

Mouse Repeller

Mouse Repeller

Mouse repeller is a kind of product which used in the house and repel the mouse away from the protected area. As people know, mouse is a big trouble worldwide. In every country, we can see mouse steal food from the house. They also bites furniture while their teeth growing. Not only make annoying noise but also break the furniture in the houses. Not only steal the food in the kitchen or storage warehouse but also brings disease to human and pets.

For thousands of years, humanity have tried to deal with such problems. We made poison to kill them. Make traps to trap them. Raise cats to hunt them. But they haven't been exterminated. On the contrary, they become stronger, smarter and living in every corner on this planet. Traditional methods are no longer that useful to catch these small creatures.

Mouse repeller is a high-tech item which deterrent them away with ultrasonic waves, a high frequency sonic wave which can only be heard by the mouse, not affection to human, pets or other electric devices. Safe, clean, eco-friendly and effective. Try it in your house, you will love it.


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