FM radio transmitter for car cinema CE/EU

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Solution for sounding autokini - distribution of audio using low-power FM transmitter

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Autokino and its sound system

Solution for sounding autokini - distribution of audio using low-power FM transmitter

Technical description of the solution

Distribution of sound to car radios, which will be in the car cinema is possible only through a radio transmitter operating in the standard FM band (7.0 - 107.0 MHz.

Due to the simplest and fastest possible operation, the complete technology can, of course, with the exception of the transmitting antenna, be placed in a single mobile rack. By doing so, the connection of individual components will be estuaries, which will already be signal connected, as part of the rack installation.

The operator only installs and connects the transmitting antenna and connects the projector's audio outputs to the mixer or DVD player to the projector. A complete installation will be a matter of up to 10 minutes.

Technology for audio transmission in a car cinema

Cloud CX261 Rack Mixer

Input for major modulation sources from film projector or DVD players

Input for the second modulation source - for example, a music mix before and after the screening

Microphone input - if necessary, give instructions when raiding and leaving the cinema area, or in the case of safety instructions

FM transmitter BW TX30 ver EU + transmitting antenna

Distributes FM signal to car radios. For the needs of the car cinema should be sufficient radiated power around 1-5W ERP.

TX series BW broadcast transmitters have integrated FM processing and RDS encoder, with which you can send text information on car radio displays - for example, about the next program, advertising announcements, etc.

The FM transmitting is supplied as a wicker, with a magnetic base. It must be placed on a conductive area large enough to give the necessary counter-weight (car roof, structure, etc.

Lockable transport rack

Rack 12U for the placement of all the above described technologies, including DVD players. It allows safe transport of interconnected technologies. The rack includes a distribution panel with lighting, an accessory drawer (cables, microphone, etc.) And a board with wheels, for easier transport.

Transmitter TX30 V3 FM/EU-CE

This 30W, 1RU FM transmitter is the perfect equipment for you. Built-in 4-way DSPX audio processing, Ethernet control, RDS Encoder and FSK IDer reduce the need for any additional devices – excellent sound right out of the box!.

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Now with the DDS driver, the TX30 V3 takes the legendary and clean drivers of previous models with a very low distortion modulator to the next level. The TX30 V3 has an integrated multiband DSPX sound processor, which means stations without dedicated super processor audio, right out of the box. This state-of-the-line DSP-based multichannel sound processor has been designed to give you the main sound in a low-budget market. With a four-band program-dependent restriction and a broadband AGC with smart rollover, parametric EQ and improved bass racks, a multi-band distortion controlled distortion, and a powerful composite clip with pilot protection. All this allows you to customize your sound for maximum impact.

These transmitters have been the most intelligent on the market for years with standard Ethernet remote control. With built-in web browser, no software installation required and no dependency on flash support, V3 gives you easy access to settings and monitoring, such as email alerts, SNMP monitoring, silence detection, advanced alarms. If the drive has a problem, the drive will send you an email and keep a log of any issues that need to be investigated. If necessary, you can also remotely adjust the settings. All of these features are designed to give you peace of mind and save you time.

There is a standard configurable parallel GPI/O interface to connect to your station's remote control. This will alert you to problems and offer solutions that keep you ached. For example, it might be configured to turn on backup audio or backup transmitters if it detected a problem.

All V3 products have inputs and outputs that you would expect with a premium transmitter. Includes AES3 audio or composite/MPX via AES192, analog left and right and 2 configurable composite (MPX) program inputs and outputs. Composite inputs and outputs can be configured as MPX, SCA, RDS, or Pilot Sync.

FSK ID leyer as standard for translators eliminates the need for external hardware or hourly audio notifications and offers broadcasters a "one-box" solution for their translation sites.

Integrated static RDS is now the standard on board.

External reference support for 1 pps and 10 MHz GPS synchronization inputs is on the back of the unit, allowing you to integrate with other SFN (single frequency) products.


Integrated multiband DSP audio processing, RDS coder all standard!


Ethernet connection and built-in web server connected to smart alarms and email notifications - Remote management has never been easier!

What to know before setting up a car movie theater


A number of interested parties have recently contacted the Office for the Regulation of Electronic Communications and Postal Services (DSA) considering setting up a car cinema. In the case of a car movie theater, viewers watch a movie on the screen from the comfort of their car, and they regulate the sound on their car radio.

     The FM transmitter, which in this case is used to distribute audio to car radios, can only be operated or the frequency can be used with permission from the RU. The allocation of frequencies for the purpose of operating a car cinema shall not be subject to a licensing procedure carried out by the Broadcasting and Retransmission Council. The interested party must submit a full application for individual authorisation for radio analogue terrestrial broadcasting, which includes the required frequency. The RU does not search for frequencies for the purpose of operating a car cinema. 

As with radio analogue FM broadcasting, a candidate will find the appropriate frequency at his/her own expense. Before submitting an application, the RU recommends that it be consulted on the real possibility of using the frequency chosen by the candidate with respect to existing domestic and foreign users of the 87.5- 108.0 MHz frequency band.

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FM radio transmitter for car cinema CE/EU

Solution for sounding autokini - distribution of audio using low-power FM transmitter

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